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8 Things You Need to Know Before Planning an Italian Wedding

An Italian wedding is many couples’ dream, the idea of Italian sun while you are sitting in your dreary office is bliss, daydreaming of a long relaxed Italian banquet in the warmth will you are waiting in traffic is heavenly. So what do you need to know to plan your dream Italian getaway wedding? Keep reading…

1. Civil ceremonies

Many couples get legally married in Italy, this is called a civil ceremony however be aware that you must start this early as you need to get all your documents back home before your planner gets them translated and sworn in Italy. This procedure is annoyingly different for every nationality, English couples need to start 6 months before, Scottish couples 3 months, some nationalities, such as Americians need to go to the consulate beforehand, others do not, Get your planner to explain what you need to do

2. Consider doing a symbolic ceremony

There are huge advantages in having a symbolic (non legally binding) ceremony in Italy after getting legally married back home. A civil ceremony can cost up to €2000 more depending on where you choose to get married. A symbolic ceremony can be personlised for you, the venues for civil ceremonies are limited whereas symbolic venues are endless…a mountain top, beach…you name it. So consider this option as it could be a good stress free choice.

3. Have a good idea of budget

An Italian wedding can cost a lot but it doesn’t have to. Be honest with you planner, budgeting doesn’t mean cutting corners, consider what flowers and decorations you want, simply sniped seasonal blooms can cost significantly less than elaborate off season floral arrangements

4. Choose the right venue for you

This might sound obvious but some historical venues won’t let you throw confetti, town centre venues may have time restrictions for music. Let your planner know what is at the top of your list so you choose the perfect place for you Italian lake wedding

5. Think Practically

Consider that you won’t have that much weight allowance for your flight, think about sending some bits across to your planner before your wedding so you don’t have the stress of dragging big bundles to the airport

6. Flights

The Italian Lakes are just a skip from the UK and most European countries but check when there are flights from your nearest city to the closest airport in Italy. Some low cost air companies only have a few flights a week so check when those are before choosing your wedding date

7. Personalisation

It’s your day and should reflect the both of you. Make it personal and special, if you love sipping prosecco, think about having a pimp my prosecco corner where your guests can add cordials and fruit to personalise their aperitivo. If you are artistic, consider a guest drawing rather than a guest book. Think about putting together photos of you and your guests which your planner can hang before you arrive, Love photos? Why not have a polaroid camera and props so you can capture fun moments from the reception…there are no end of possibilties and your planner can give you lots of tips, too

8. Relax

Your wedding planner knows what they are doing and will make sure that you don’t miss anything out. This is your special day and the buildup should be just as exciting so enjoy it!