There are lots of things that you could add to various parts of the day to entertain your guests. 


Especially good during aperitivo – croquet, giant jenga, hoopla and more from €7.50


Starting from €2000 but varies a lot

Fire fountain

Starting from €700


Long bow, Japanese bow, and historical bows.
Prices depend on location – I’ll get a quote.

Polariod Camera & Props

€50 excluding fil 

Ice cream cart

Perfect for the aperitivo – prices depend on guest numbers 

Add fun to your wedding day 

Murder mystery games

someone gets murdered during aperitivo or dinner 

​Miserable Waiters

A fun Italian idea of having badly dressed miserable waiters to entertain/offend your guests 

​Childrens’ entertainer 

Price dependent on location 


Human table 

Living statues 

and much much more…