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Involving kids at your Wedding

Children are a big and important part of many weddings, they can add fun or cause havoc!

Having just a few roles or activities can turn potential tiny tearaways into adorable bundles of loveliness and give them memories of your wedding day forever.

Italians love children and are incredibly welcoming to children at Lake Garda & Como weddings. Parents should feel relaxed and enjoy the company of their children, and with a few activities up your sleeves, the company of other guests, too!

Here are five things to keep children happy and parents stress free at an Italian lake wedding!

1. Role Giving – Children often respond well to responsibility, feeling that they have an important role to play in your day can be really satisfying. Consider roles like flower girls, they could hand out the order of service, pass around confetti cones or in the case of a recent wedding, have your more confident children sing a little song written for the newlyweds.

2. Aperitivo Fun Aperitivo can be a wonderful time to involve your children in an Italian wedding, having a few fun activities can keep them entertained – a Polaroid camera and props are adored by young and old and they could stick the photos in your guest book. Games like throwing rings or even hop scotch can help some of the more energetic ones burn some energy.

3. Table Games – An Italian lake wedding often means a wonderfully long meal, great for the adults but it can be a little wearisome for the little ones amongst you. Providing activities which encourage children to do longer, calmer activities can work really well, Lego, colouring, puzzles and word searches can be life savers. You could consider having a dedicated children’s table with fun activities and a paper table cloth which can be drawn on directly.

4. Cake Decorating/Sweet table– Most children have a sweet tooth, although we are often keen to keep tots away from sweets, children can be spoilt every now and again, right? Having little cup cakes for the children rather than the wedding cake can be great fun and creative for kids, give them hundreds and thousands and other toppings and leave them to it.

5. Too Tired – tantrums and tears are often down to tiredness, think ahead, getting a babysitter or having a space where children can get 40 winks during the wedding reception is worth looking into.