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New Orleans comes to Lake Garda

As soon as Tania and Melissa glimpsed Isola del Garda, they knew that they had found their dream Lake Garda wedding venue. Set on its own island in the middle of Lake Garda, it’s easy to see why.

Isola Del Garda

All smiles and laughter, they toured around this stunning venue, taking in its beautiful gardens and breathtaking views. This was going to be a once in a lifetime wedding and they had just found their dream wedding spot. The date was set, the planning was underway, we were all super excited for the big day to come… and when it did, we weren’t disappointed

They had decided to spoil their friends and family rotten by inviting them all from New Orleans to the most breathtaking venue you could imagine

Wedding ceremony at Isola del Garda
Drama on Lake Garda

This touching ceremony moved us all and special moments like the solo performance of Ave Maria and the talented string quartet etched it forever in their guests memories. But when Tania and Melissa are near, fun and laughter are not far behind…

Fun Lake Garda boat trip

Even though they were far from home, it didn’t stop them incorporating some New Orleans’ wedding traditions – Best of all, the Second Line. Guests armed with handerchiefs, brides with parasols danced behind the talented trumpeter, strutting and twirling as they went.

As the night went on so did the fun, laughter and love

Isola del Garda Wedding Party

With a great band, a fun photobooth, fabulous food and very importantly, Tania’s personlised inflatable microphones, this really was the wedding that their friends and family will be talking about for years and years to come

So a big thank you, much love and a huge happy ever after… to Tania and Melissa xxx

Happy Ever After!

One final thanks to all the staff at Isola del Garda, Cristiano Ostinelli for the fabulous photos and of course, clickbox for the great photobooth and really fun video!

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