Picking the perfect Italian wedding venue is where it all starts

Italy has so many wonderful wedding venues to choose from. Lake Como and Garda have some really stunning options, from lakeside shabby chic restaurants, quaint intimate terraces, luxury 5 star hotels, magical vineyards to stunning villas.

The lakes differ quite a lot and this is something to consider when picking the right location for you.

Here are a few choices but by no means all. Please let us know a bit more about your wedding and we will make suggestions that will work perfectly for your wedding in Lake Como, Lake Garda or further afield.

Wedding proposal Lake Como

Lake Como Wedding Venues

Lake Como is smaller and more rustic than Lake Garda. It's more about the mountains, the lake and the breathtaking scenery. There are a large number of villas to choose from.

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Lake Garda, Italy

Lake Garda Wedding Venues

Lake Garda is large, is flatter at the south and so wide it almost feels like the sea. As you go north the lake narrows and becomes more mountainous. It has many more attractions than Lake Como.

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