Couples who would like to have a Catholic wedding, in one of the numerous churches around Lake Garda, have a few lovely choices. Please be aware that these will be religious ceremonies, if you wish to have a civil ceremony, this could be done on the same day at the nearest town hall. At least one of  you will need to be Catholic and, before getting married here, you will need to attend classes with your church back home.


Ceremony: Religious Catholic ceremonies

Santa Anna, Sirmione: A lovely small and intimate church just within the ancient walls of Sirmione, you can have a maximum of 25 guests

Santa Maria, Lugana Church: Just outside of Sirmione, this church has a lovely simple feel with the lake directly behind it

Lonato Church: This church is around 5 kilometers from the lake and works well with a reception at Lonato Castle. It is a stunning and ornate church.

San Pietro, Sirmione: A wonderfully simple yet enchanting church with beautiful beamed ceilings and historical frescos maximum of 70 guests

Santa Maria della Neve: A historical church in the the heart of Sirmione with stunning porticos