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Wedding Proposal on Lake Como

Life is made of memories, those fond moments you’ll remember for ever more. Whether you are a born romantic or show simpler signs of affection, a wedding proposal on Lake Como is something you and your future husband or wife will never forget.

Wedding proposal Lake Como

You may be looking for a flamboyant affair with fireworks, photographers and musicians or perhaps you dream of something more intimate. Lake Como has an array of stunning spots where you can pop the question ‘Will you marry me?’

If you both love nature, why not have a hike and find a romantic picnic awaiting you where you can go down on one knee with breath-taking views across Lake Como from a mountain top.

Perhaps that sounds too strenuous, in which case a romantic boat trip to a secluded beach might be more your thing. Do you have your song? As you come ashore, this could be playing, along with a chilled bottle of something sparkling to toast with.

You could choose to have your Lake Como wedding proposal by air, gazing down from a helicopter or seaplane or even horse riding along the beach. Lake Como has fabulous historical villas, stunning lake side gardens, smaller hill top private gardens, quaint villages with peaceful nooks, lush green olive groves…the options are endless. The key is to think about you and your partner because this is after all a day you will remember forever. What do you enjoy? What make the two or you the two of you? Sky diving can be one couple’s dream but another’s nightmare.

Asking your partner to marry you is one of the most romantic moments in life. So why not take the plunge (even literally if you like) in Lake Como. You just bring the ring and we’ll take care of the rest, helping you to plan a stress-free wedding propsal in Lake Como.

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