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When to Get Married in Lake Como or Garda?

Mild climes of the Italian lakes make Lake Como and Garda perfect locations for weddings so if you are dreaming of those, ‘to have and to hold in case you get cold’ blankets or you’d like a much warmer affair it’s well worth thinking about when to get married in Lake Como or Garda.

Those of us who live on the Italian lakes love them all year round, they change so much but are always startlingly beautiful. Those spring colours, the warmth of the summer, the orange glow of the autumn and the peace and tranguility of the water in the winter months with snow capped mountains can be breathtaking.

Spring in Lake Como and Garda

I love spring, the trees come alive and the mountains become a lush green both in Lake Como and Garda and the colourful flowers mean that many Lake Como and Garda wedding venues need very few flowers adding.

April can still be a little chilly and Lake Como and Garda are both just starting to come alive after their winter slumber. We also get occasional showers meaning I wouldn’t usually suggest it to my couples. It is however peaceful and you can pretty much have the place to yourselves.

May is starting to warm up and especially at the end of the month the days are feeling long and the spring flowers are in full bloom. It is also often a little cheaper than the summer months so well worth considering

June is fabulous, early to mid June is warm but not too hot, the mountains are green the air is warm and best of all the school holidays (usually start around the 8th of June it Italy- lucky Italians, but obviously later in many other European countries) haven’t started yet so it’s still quieter. Late June gets hotter, around 30 in the middle of the day so nice.

Summer in Lake Como and Garda

July is hot hot hot and I would suggest it only to those who love it. The lakes are alive, apart from the midday lull and the little alleys of the the idyllic Lake Como and Garda towns come alive. It’s worth bearing in mind that some of the Italian villas charge more for July and August although many don’t, so get in touch to find out the prices of Lake Como and Garda wedding venues. It can get to mid to high 30s in the middle of the day making later afternoon weddings that continue through the evening work really well.

August is still quite hot at the begining of the month but starts cooling down towards the end (back to high 20s low 30s) of the month. Lake Como and Garda still have lots of life with young (and some old) Italians diving into the waters of the Lakes to cool down, it’s summer, the weather is good, the food is fabulous and everyone is happy.

September is a really nice month to get married in Lake Como and Garda, especially at the start of the month. It’s still nice and warm, it’s starting to get a little darker earlier but this means those flickering candles, fairy lights and bistro lights make your Italian lake wedding even more romantic, the lake is also starting to get a little quieter.

Autumn/Fall in Lake Como and Garda

October starts to get a little chilly but can still be lovely, the leaves start to give signs that summer has passed and best of all, many venues are at their lowest costs.

November air is crisp and fresh and the tops of the mountains usually get a sprinkling of snow. It’s quiet on Lake Como and Garda and many hotels and restaurants are starting to close for the winter months so not often chosen for weddings.

Winter in Lake Como and Garda

December is beautiful, cold air and snow capped mountains and stunning lake views but other than the larger towns like Lecco and Como the lake is peaceful. Como however can make a stunning base for a winter wedding, with it’s steepled cathedral,epic christmas lights and winter markets make it a hub of activity.

January & February are cold and red cheeked Italians sip hot punch and capuccinos on the shores of lake Como and Garda but weddings and tourism are few and far between.

March is when the first movements after the hibernation through the winter start to begin but it’s slow and the temperatures can still be quite low.